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Veterans scramble to evacuate Afghans from Kabul | Mick Mulroy, CIA paramilitary officer | Bonus Ep.

By August 26, 2021News, Print
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In this special mid-week episode we are going to talk to former CIA paramilitary officer Mick Mulroy and retired Army Colonel Mike Jason about their efforts to evacuate Afghans who worked with the United States out of Kabul as the country falls to the Taliban and America’s withdrawal deadline nears. Digital Dunkirk: For those who need evacuation: [email protected] For those who want to volunteer to help the effort: [email protected] Want 2 bonus episodes per month and access to the bonus segments??? Subscribe to our Patreon!?? Team House merch:… Podcast version of this show can be found here:… Team House Instagram:… Jack’s Instagram:… Jack’s Twitter: Dave’s Twitter: Team House Discord: SubReddit: Jack Murphy’s memoir “Murphy’s Law” can be found here:… The Team Room Reading Room (Amazon Affiliate links):… Intro music by #afghanistan #evacuation #theteamhouse