Lobo Institute is headquartered in northwest Montana. Combine this unique geographic location with the institute founders’ lengthy SOF & Paramilitary backgrounds, and unrivaled tailored training becomes possible. 

The difference between Lobo Institute and other Montana training venues comes down to an operational perspective. Lobo Institute’s cadre is unrivaled across the SOF & Intelligence communities. This is what sets it apart. 

Examples of training on hand are winter warfare, mountain mobility, high-altitude air, and jump operations….all facilitated and executed within the rural areas in Montana. Opportunities consist of hard skills, operational planning, and realistic scenario-based full-mission profiles to best prepare intelligence and special operations units for both current and future irregular warfare operations.

Facilitation and content of the training ride on the shoulders of Lobo’s expert cadre consisting of retired quiet professionals from across the intelligence and special operations community, selected for the tailored training based on their unique individual skill sets and professional background. 

The below are ready-made courses, but we can also tailor-make specific courses to suit your needs.  The training can take place in the Whitefish Mountain Range area or at Granite Creek Range Complex.

Winter Warfare Training 

Lobo Institute is headquartered in the town of Whitefish, Montana. Whitefish is a patriotic town with an organic 3,500-acre ski resort directly above the town center. Winter warfare training begins with a “shake out” within the Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort bounds. Beyond the ski area, hundreds of thousands of acres of public land are available to support all manner of mechanized and human-powered winter travel. 

Within the ranks of Lobo Institute, several members have conducted years of military winter operations and training. Based on this high level of professional knowledge, Lobo can tailor a number of winter events to include setting up and facilitating realistic Full Mission Profiles. 

Contact [email protected] to begin a dialogue for Lobo Institute to make your training vision become a reality. 

Please click here to view a video on the course.

Mountain Mobility

Lobo Institute has access to myriad environments within the state of Montana to facilitate unrivaled mobility training. Whether the goal is an ultra-light ridgeline blitzkrieg on foot for a hundred miles, familiarization with horse travel, or any motorized travel…..Lobo Institute can deliver. 

If the vision is to combine methods of delivery with mobility training, Lobo has unique access to unimproved airstrips and landing zones for both equipment and personnel within the state of Montana. If the vision is to combine mountain mobility combining foot/horse / motorized travel…Lobo Institute can deliver. 

Contact [email protected] to begin a dialogue for Lobo Institute to make your training vision become a reality.  

High Altitude Air & Jump Operations

Lobo Institute has access to unique stand-alone training areas with surveyed Heavy Drop Zones, Personnel Drop Zones, and unimproved airstrips. Whether the goal is to land aircraft at high altitude unknown airstrips or facilitate high altitude jumps into unknown Drop Zones…Lobo Institute can deliver. 

Air operations inherently hurt more SOF operators than any other training. Lobo recognizes these realities and, in recognition of these dangers, will provide the highest levels of medical support possible. 

Clandestine Operations Course (restricted)

Lobo Institute will teach authorized U.S. military and Intelligence Community groups clandestine operations. This would include tradecraft for assets handling, operational preparation of the environment, technical collection, and enablement operations, all in austere and remote environments with attention to operating in mountainous terrain. 

Courses could take place in the Whitefish area, adjacent towns and federal and state forests and mountains, or in Granite Creek, where all of the DZ, ranges, and Airstrips have been surveyed and approved by the U.S. Military and all of the licenses have been obtained for UAS operations.

Contact [email protected] to begin a dialogue for Lobo Institute to make your training vision become a reality.