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All the Glimmering Stars

Today, All the Glimmering Stars comes out. It’s a book about two people whose stories are absolute inspirations. It’s about never giving up, no matter the hardship, and love never dimming, even in the darkest times. 

Anthony and Florence Opoka were both abducted child soldiers in the Lord’s Resistance Army.  Child soldiers that met, fell in love, started a family, and eventually escaped to freedom to dedicate their lives to helping those left behind. 

I am very proud to consider them my close friends and to be the godfather of two of their boys, Michael and Mark.  

I am proud to have helped make the documentary, My Star in the Sky, about their story with my two close friends, Eric Oehlerich and Mark Rausenberger

And I am proud that an incredible author and friend, Mark Sullivan, wrote this phenomenal book and brought this story to life. 

May it inspire others as much as it did me.

Mick Mulroy, Co-founder of the Lobo Institute and Co-President of End Child Soldiering