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My Star in the Sky

By June 10, 2019March 29th, 2020Films

“My Star in the Sky” has been screened at Yale University Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, the Atlantic Council, a Washington D.C. based think tank for international affairs, the Truman National Security Project, and the Enough Project, a non-profit group to end crimes against humanity. Lobo Institute is available for private screenings of the documentary in conjunction with nonprofits in the area of child soldiers rehabilitation.

Lobo Institute produced, directed and created the documentary My Star in the Sky — which in the Acholi language is “Lakalatwe”. This documentary depicts a story of survival and love between two child soldiers, Anthony and Florence Opoka. Both were abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army, an insurgent group against the government of Uganda. Anthony became Joseph Kony‘s radio operator. They eventually escaped together after more then ten years and become pivotal in the effect to end the insurgency and help rehabilitate the soldiers back into society.

Lobo Institute can do screenings to raise money for End Child Soldiers or other groups working to help child soldiers. If interested in hosting a screening, please contact [email protected].