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Into The Fray: The future of irregular warfare and conflict resolution

By August 17, 2019Books

A book proposal by former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and  CIA Paramilitary Officer Mick Mulroy and former U.S. Navy SEAL Team Commander Eric Oehlerich.  Dr. Ben Connable will be the project manager.

Concept: Publications on irregular warfare and conflict resolution are too often retrospective, inward looking, and ultimately inconclusive.  A future-focused, prescriptive, and thought-provoking book—integrated with multimedia—will break this trend. Into the Fray will leverage years of first-hand experience to provide an evidence-based, interview-driven forecast of the future threat environment and how to face it.

This book will be approximately 60-80 thousand words, comprised of a combination of first-hand lessons, thorough research, and interviews with dozens of subject matter experts. These interviews will be recorded and published as a podcast series and will complement the ultimate findings and conclusions.  

The experts will hail from the fields most critical to shaping and understanding our picture of the future:climate change; natural resources; globalization; human migration patterns; criminal syndicates and violent extremism; advanced technology including artificial intelligence, human-machine teaming, information access, among other areas.

We will integrate this information to generate a series of models to understand the future of irregular warfare and conflict resolution. Each model will center on a combination of the issues driving the interviews, to form such questions as: how will climate change affect population migration?; how will artificial intelligence affect the growth of violent extremism? And; how will we end what has seemingly become endless wars.

We seek to inform the public and shape the efforts of the international community and future of U.S.  foreign policy in line with the 2017 National Security Strategy, the 2018 National Defense Strategy and the Irregular Warfare annex. This book will resonate with many audiences, and offer practical recommendations across the spectrum of disciplines.  This spectrum includes diplomacy, intelligence, military, humanitarian aid, economics, advanced agriculture techniques, alternative energy expansion, among others.

Timeline: This project can begin in early 2020. We anticipate the interviews and research will require 12-18 months to complete, with podcasts made available as interviews are completed in order to allow individuals to follow the progress of the project.

Costs: Lobo Institute is pursuing research and publication support with a profit sharing option. If interested in supporting, please contact us at [email protected].