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Distinguished Speaker Program: End Child Soldiering

By March 30, 2023June 10th, 2023Mailchimp, News, Print

DSP (Missoula): End Child Soldiering featuring Michael “Mick” Mulroy & Eric Oehlerich

End Child Soldiering is a Montana charity that supports efforts to end the use of children as soldiers and rehabilitate those that have been. They work in Uganda closely with Grassroots Reconciliation Group (GRG), which helps rehabilitate child soldiers and reintegrate them into society. Co-founders Michael “Mick” Mulroy and Eric Oehlerich have decades of experience at the senior levels of national security policy and military affairs. They pair this background with diplomats, humanitarian aid workers, journalist and others to develop methods to reduce the human costs in current conflicts and better prepare for the future.

Guests: Michael “Mick” Mulroy, Eric Oehlerich
Partners: Lobo Institute,
Dates: April 17th 6-7:30 UC Theater Missoula