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Bloomberg: Steel, GDP, Geopolitics, and Lamborghini

By March 30, 2023June 10th, 2023Mailchimp, News, Print


As published by Bloomberg News.

Chris Campbell, Chief Strategist at Kroll, discusses GDP, the regional banking turmoil, his outlook for the US economy and potential for a recession in the near-term. David Stickler, former CEO of Big River Steel and current CEO of Highbar, LLC, joins to discuss green initiatives, his company’s outlook amid inflation, regulatory concerns, the impact of protectionism, and economic uncertainty. James Lanthier, CEO of Mindset Pharma (OTC: MSSTF), discusses drug treatment investments, the emergence of psychedelics, and the types of regulation e’re seeing from lawmakers to aid/inhibit these investments. Hannah Elliott, Staff Writer with Bloomberg Businessweek, joins to discuss her story on Lamborghini replacing the Aventador with a plug –in hybrid and other electric vehicle developments for luxury carmakers. Nathan Dean, Senior Policy Analyst, US and Latin America with Bloomberg Intelligence, joins to discuss joins to discuss his note on big bank capital requirements potentially rising, as well as FDIC leaning on big banks to cover regional bank failure costs. Mick Mulroy, co-founder of the Lobo Institute and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East at US Department of Defense, discusses today’s geopolitical headlines, including China’s vice premier calling for peace, Russia detaining a US journalist, and tensions with Iran regarding recent events in Syria. Hosted by Matt Miller and John Tucker.

Mar 30, 2023